Our Story

A.E. Is a full custom tattoo / body piercing shop and gallery. Arguably among its peers as one of the best shops in Texas.

Founder and owners Billy Jack and Stephanie Gunter opened their first Artistic Encounter more than ten years ago on July 2001 in his home town of Geneva,Indiana where he proved his worth to the world featured in tons of magazines and winning awards nation wide. Years later he moved onto Dallas,Texas to open two more locations for his empire. First you must know and understand Billy Jack only employs the best artists most of which are award winning and magazine published. So, it is understandable how his shops keep winning awards and dominating the tattoo world.This is very apparent when you first walk in and see what seems to be endless awards hung in the lobby of the shop. Ask anyone whom has worked for or currently does work with Billy Jack and they will tell you it is all about family. Every artist who makes it through the rigorous trials to even become A.E. material is branded for life with the initials visibly seen and worn with pride. The shop atmosphere is reflected of that family bond with warm welcomes and professional consultation. The shop can be referred to more of an art gallery. Clean and well kept area with an array of artistic expression tastefully displayed on the walls. Most of the art displayed is for sale so, don’t hesitate to ask. You have to see it to know what I mean. Come visit us for your next tattoo and you wont be disappointed.

Various awards among all aspects from many conventions and shop awards. Recognition in dvd/videos and tons on magazines you can find displayed on the walls of the shop. Its a must see.