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Billyjack Gunter

Meet Billyjack Gunter, a tattoo artist and body piercer with 25+ years of experience in the industry. Billyjack’s passion for tattoos began when he got his first tattoo at 14 and started body piercing at 15. He began his journey in Indiana, where tattooing was illegal, and had to work underground with local artists. After finishing three apprenticeships at various studios, he opened up Artistic Encounter, his own tattoo studio in Kentucky, which eventually expanded to five locations in Texas. Billyjack is a proud father to his son Jaxton Kingsley Gunter, who was born three years after he opened his fifth studio. His son’s birth was a turning point in Billyjack’s life, motivating him to continue to evolve as an artist and make positive changes. He sees his son as a source of inspiration and a reminder to always stay true to his passion for tattooing. Billyjack specializes in black and gray photo-realism with large-scale images, and he continues to learn and grow as an artist. His advice to fellow tattoo artists is to stay humble, teachable, and always strive for improvement.

Gabriel Perez

I kill traditional Japanese color/ black and gray. My favorite medium to use is watercolor and copics.

Elijah Heaps

Elijah Heaps is a tattoo artist and musician from Dallas, Texas with his own unique style. His art is powerful, innovative & expressive. He mainly focuses on Decorative calligraphy, ornamental blackwork and illustrated blackwork but also has a strong love for lettering and anything with a
special meaning.

He is creating art that is authentic, creative & sharp, true to himself, his aim is to successfully unlock his dreams while staying at peace, he hopes to make art that resonates with his followers and clients and leaves a lasting mark on history.


My name is Sebastian and I’m an apprentice at Artistic Encounter Rosemeade. My parents love for art translated to me from a young age and seeing my mom covered in tattoos inspired me to become an artist. Artistic Encounter’s plethora of talented artists inspired me to push myself further and show off a bold side of myself and I’m very excited to be working with this awesome family.

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