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Ethan R Musgrove

I’ve been in this industry for 10 years now, and being a part of AE has been the most rewarding and growth-filled portion of this decade. I’m well-rounded and ready to take on anything you throw my way. So come hear more about my story in my chair; experience the awesome crew under this roof, and leave with a piece of art you can wear proudly!

Jack Hogue

My name is Jack and I’m a body piercer at the Artistic Encounter Rosemeade location. I specialize in ear curations and combining a person’s personal style to high-quality jewelry designed and fit for their body. My favorite piercings are nipple piercings, VCH’s and a well-placed conch or flat.

Jeremy Hall

I have been tattooing for 12 years. Been building tattoo machines for 15 years. Traditional and illustration. Black/Grey and Color.


I’m Sky or inkyubates, and I’ve been tattooing for 6years now.
I specialize in anime/video game stuff but I love doing anything kawaii or creepy as well!

Working with color is my favorite but I like doing black and grey pieces as well, and I accept all skin tones, even for color tattoos. <3

Oscar Peña

My name is Oscar Peña and I’m an apprentice with big dreams of specializing in lettering. Wether it’s fancy swirly script or big gothic lettering, I want to do it all! Other subjects I’m interested in are black and grey and black work. Or any tattoo that a client wishes I’d love to execute as long as I get to provide an unforgettable experience and lifelong masterpiece for them to look back on 5, 10, 20 or 50 years from now. With the support that I have in Artistic Encounter and the mentorship provided by BilliJack Gunter and Ethan Musgrove, I know that I will flourish and raise hell.

Jay Hudson

Specializing in Black and Grey realism. Mainly done with 3rl. 7yrs experience.


Hey I’m Quinn, I’ve been traveling && tattooing since 2010 from Chicago to Texas && everywhere in between. I’m a very versatile artist & will tattoo almost anything, but my favorite styles are black & white, fine line, sticker style, or Victorian style tattoos


My name is Paul, a tattoo artist for more than 5 years, a fan of anime, cartoons and video games. I have done a little of everything in my time as a tattoo artist, I like to brainstorm in the process of making the design, for me the tattoo artist-client connection is the core of a design that is not only good, but successful for each one Of my clients, I like to play with shapes and try to adapt to the style that the client likes the most. My main tattoo styles are cartoon, followed by anime, Japanese style and neo-traditional.

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